"Global Automation Research [ReMaP] helps us make informed, strategic decisions for our sales channel. We use their data to identify high-level trends and take a deep dive into granular details that help us turn an intelligent strategy into an actionable plan."

Ron Hegyesi | President |VEGA Americas (www.vega.com/en/radar/)

"The ReMaP assessment was critical to our sales and service re-organization.  The ReMaP market potential information organized by our specific sales regions provided a high degree of confidence in the evaluation and placement of sales and service resources."

Joe I. | Director of Marketing, Americas | KROHNE, Inc (us.krohne.com)

"After entering a new service market, TECO was blind to the market potential and geographical distribution of the business in that market.  We did not know how to forecast and properly staff the sales effort.  ReMaP  Sales Planning became the kernel from which we developed our entire strategy and ultimately assisted us in growing sales over the last several years.  Our experience with the national market led us to request an additional report on global markets for two of our manufactured products."

Todd T. | President | Thompson Equipment Company (www.teco-inc.com)

"We have been working with ReMaP Sales Planning for the past 7-8 years and have utilized a number of their services.  The ReMaP market potential by 3-digit zip code, by product and by industry has been especially beneficial in assisting us to make better business decisions.  We have found that this market data is the most comprehensive and thorough data in the industry available today.  To this end we have loaded the information into our SAP system and given our entire rep network, sales, service and marketing organizations to see their market potential at any time they need it"

Todd L. | General Manager | Endress+Hauser USA (www.us.endress.com)

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