PI&A Product Coverage

A ReMaP™ assessment can be completed for any of the following 150 product lines.  Any number of product lines can be grouped together into a product category.

I&V Service

Field Service

Factory Repair


Process Safety

IR - Open Path Gas Detectors

IR- Point Gas Detectors

Catalytic Gas Detectors

SS MOS Toxic Gas Det

Echem Toxic Gas Det

IR/UV Flame Detectores

CC TV Flame Detectores

Other Tech Gas Detectors

Flame & Gas Aux Equip

Flame & Gas Systems

Safety Inst Sys Pressure

Safety Inst Sys Temperature

Safety Inst Sys Flow

Safety Inst Sys Level

Safety Inst Sys Other

Safety Inst Sys ESD Systems


Process Control & DAQ

Remote I/O


PC Front Ends DAQ

Data Loggers DAQ

Standalone DAQ Systems

DCS Hardware

PLC Hardware

DCS Software

PLC Software


DCS Project Services

PLC Project Services

DCS Operations Services

PLC Operations Services



Final Control Devices

Sliding Stem Valves

Rotary Valves

Other Control Valves

Pneumatic Positioners

Electric Positioners

Pneumatic Actuators

Electric Actuators


Metering Pumps

Rotary Metering Pumps

Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Piston Metering Pumps

Syringe Metering Pump

Other Metering Pump

Pressure Instruments

Flow - Differential Pressure

Level - Differential Pressure

Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Absolute Pres Transmitters

Mechanical Pressure Switches

Electronic Pressure Switches

Mechanical Pressure gauges

Electronic Pressure gauges

Pressure Transducers

Temperature Measurements

IR Thermography


Mechanical Temp Gauges

Electronic Temp Gauges

Temp RTD's



Electronic Temp Transmitters

Mechanical Temperature Switches

Electronic Temperature Switches

Level Instruments

Capacitance Level

Ultrasonic Level

Float Level

Microwave NC Level

Microwave Contact Level

Nuclear Level

Magnetostrictive Level

Other Level Technologies

Magnetic Level Gauges

Microwave NC Tank Gauging

Hydrostatic Tank Gauging

Float & Tapes Tank Gauging

Microwave Contact Tank Gauging

Servo Tank Gauging

Load Cell Tank Gauging

Other Mech / Elec Tank Gauging

Capacitance Point Level

Ultrasonic Point Level

Conductance Point Level

Nuclear Point Level

Vibration Point Level

Thermal Point Level

Other Point Level

Flow Measurements

Magnetic Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

PD Flow Meters

VA Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters

Vortex Flow Meters

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Open Channel Flow

Orifice Plates

Venturi Flow Elements

Flow Nozzle Elements

Pitot Tubes / Bars

Other Flow Elements

Process Analytical

Non - Dispersive Photometers

Filter Photometers

Opacity and Dust Photometers

Tunable Diode Laser Photometers

Cavity Ringdown Photometers

NIR Spectrometer

FT-NIR Spectrometer

FT-IR Spectrometer

Raman Spectrometer

Open Path Spectrometer

Mass Spectroscopy

ZrO2 Oxygen

Paramagnetic Oxygen

Echem Oxygen

Gas Chromatagraphs

BTU Analyzers

NIR Photometry Moisture

Microwave/Nuclear Moisture

Capacitance Moisture

AlO2 Moisture

P2O5/Quartz Moisture

Mirror Moisture


Flame Ionization Detectors

Thermal Conductivity

Gas & Liquid Sampling Systems

Turbidity Photometers

Refractometry Photometers

UV Fluorescence Photometers

XRF Photometers

Color Photometers

Other Echem Sensors

Other Echem Instruments

Conductivity Sensors

Conductivity Instruments

PH/ORP Sensors

PH/ORP Instruments

DO Sensors

DO Instruments

Water Analyzer

Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Consistency Meters

Mechanical/coriolis Density Meters

Viscosity Meters

Petroleum Properties Meters

Nuclear/Microwave Density