Exploiting Mexico's Growth...

Needs a State-Level Plan!


The 2017 Mexico Process Instrumentation & Automation (PI&A) market totaled $1.4B, forecast to grow to $1.7B by 2021.

Fueled by a reformed energy sector, the Mexico process industry is poised for growth across all segments.
The Mexico PI&A market is spread across 31 States. Each state hosts significant PI&A opportunities in several process industries.

Leading the growth are:

  • Onshore (unconventional) and offshore (both shallow and deep) oil & gas production

  • Natural gas transmission and storage

  • Processed food and beverage production

  • Electric Utilities

  • Mining Industries

  • Fine Chemicals


Successful market and sales plans in Mexico depend on a State Level approach.

The ReMaP Sales Planning program provides a breakdown of the Mexico market by the 31 states, by 12 process industries, and by 150 PI&A products.
ReMaP™ assessments support the geographic selection of sales representatives, targeting industries at the local level, allocation of sales and service resources, and optimize sales and service territories.
Contact Us to see how a custom ReMaP™ assessment can support a successful penetration of the expanding Mexico PI&A market.

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