The ReMaP™ assessment docu-

mentation is designed to support several different analysis and data import options.

ReMaP™ Results Now Available in Database Format.

ReMaP™ results have always be reported in tabular format that captures all the results in an easy to understand Excel spreadsheet. However, this format is not the best for specific, more advanced analysis including pivot tables and relational database analysis.

Now, the results of the remap assessment will also be reported in a database format. In this format each Zip Code, industry, and market value will be reported in a single row or record. With this format Excel pivot tables can be used to prepare any number of client specific cross tabs analysis. For instance, you can also easily compare one, two, three or more product lines versus both geographical location and industry.

With this new database format, you can easily import the data into relational databases. From here you can perform further analysis and easily align your to your sales territories.

Now each ReMaP™ assessment report will include both the original tabular format and the new database format. The ReMaP™ assessments for Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile will also be available in the new database format.


Tabular Format

The most basic, and most common, form is an Excel spread sheet. At the right is an example of an actual report. Each product line or product category ReMaP™ result is tabulated on a separate worksheet within the report workbook.


3-digit Zip Codes

The left hand column is the list of 3-digit zip codes  from 010 to 999 for a total of 865 zip codes. Within the entire number of 3-digit zip codes is slightly over 900, however, several are reserved for special purposes such as government facilities. The zip codes selected for ReMaP™ encompass all the regions with some PI&A market value.

Industry by Zip Code Market Value

In the following 10 columns the market value for the product in each zip code for each industry is tabulated. See the example in the Deliverable page.

The documentation also includes a worksheet within the the workbook that tabulates the results in individual records.

Database Format

Tabular Format

865 3-digit Zip Codes, 010 through 999