ReMaP Sales Planning is an exclusive partner with Global Automation Research LLC.  Global Automation Research provides Customized Research, Acquisition Planning and other Marketing Services to support our Process Instrumentation Supplier client's strategic marketing product planning activities.

The core components of our consulting and research are:

  • A concentration in the Process Instrumentation and Automation Industry

  • An investment in bringing our clients the most effective, modern market research methods

  • Research Associates with a solid grounding in Sales, Marketing and Planning gained from previous experience in the PI&A market.

Global Automation Research has participated in one or more research and consulting projects in almost every PI&A product areas including:

  • Analytical Instrumentation

  • Field Instruments

  • Control Systems

  • Process Safety Instruments & Systems

  • Control Valves


Based on these projects, we have developed an extensive worldwide database of proprietary PI&A market information for over 160 PI&A product lines.

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