Canadian PI&A Regional Market Potential Reports now available at the FSA code level.


The PI&A market potential can now be determined

within 500+ individual Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs).

There are 1,620 Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs) in Canada (see side bar). Statistics Canada now provides business demographics for each FSA. Roughly 500+ of these areas have some PI&A market potential.

This new demographic data provides the ReMaP™ program with data needed to segment the Canadian Process Automation Market with much greater granularity.

The ReMaP™ Canadian program, using the FSA demographic data, allows for geographic segments at the highest granularity, 500+ FSAs, and broader segments such as at the province level and rural versus urban areas.


Each character in an FSA code provides information:

The first character is a letter that identifies the province or territory (although Nunavut and the Northwest Territories share the letter X). For Ontario and Quebec, this first character further identifies a particular part of the province: for example, G-identifies Eastern Quebec, H-Metropolitan Montréal, K-Eastern Ontario and M-Metropolitan Toronto (see map).

The second character is a numeral that identifies whether the area is urban or rural. A zero in-dictates a wide-area rural region, while all other digits indicate urban areas.

The third character is a letter that, in combination with the first two characters, identifies a more precise geographic district

Of a possible 3600 permutations, about 1600 are in use.

In an example of the strength of the ReMaP™ program, we zoom in on the beverage market in Nova Scotia. A simple google search for “food plants in Nova Scotia” shows the correlation of the ReMaP™ program results with the location of various seafood processing companies. Note: ReMaP™ does not identify companies. It pro-vides estimates of the PI&A market potential for an industry in a particular FSA.

The ReMaP™ graphic shows the PI&A market potential for selected products for the food & beverage industry in Nova Scotia. The height of a bar indicates the relative size of the market potential for all compa-nies/plants in the FSA. The bar is placed at the center of the FSA, not a plant location. 


A simple Google map search for “food plants in Nova Scotia” reveals interesting correlations to food companies/plants and the ReMaP™ identification of market potential that exists in the same FSA.

The ReMaP™ FSA results can be used to target companies/plants in a region by using such services as Dun & Bradstreet (now Mergent)., and other similar services. While such targeting is possible, the real value of a ReMaP™ assessment is its use as a sophisticated sales and market planning tool.


ReMaP™ Sales Planning
A ReMaP™ assessment is a sophisticated planning tool for sales and marketing managers. By identifying market potential for a product at a high degree of granularity, you can:

•    Locate field service offices and distribution centers, etc.,based on local industry/ product mix.
•    Organize sales territories  based on best fit with local industry/product mix,
•    Benchmark sales territories by product and industry based on actual market potential.
•    Target marketing and promotion programs to local industries.


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