Regional Market Potential, ReMaP™,

provides market demand data down to the 3 digit zip code level and now, down to the County level, by Product, by Industry, and similar data for Canada, Mexico, Brazil,  and Chile.

Exploiting Mexico's Growth...

Needs a State-Level Plan!

The 2017 Mexico Process Instrumentation & Automation (PI&A) market totaled $1.4B, forecast to grow to $1.7B by 2021.​

Successful market and sales plans in Mexico depend on a State Level approach.​                               Read More >>

Canadian PI&A Regional Market Potential Reports now available at the FSA code level. 

The PI&A market potential can now be determined

within 500+ individual Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs).

This new demographic data provides the ReMaP™ program with data needed to segment the Canadian Process Automation Market with much greater granularity.

Making Data Work for You

 Your Questions?

The ReMaP™ program provides executives with a powerful sales tool that can be used to:

  • Benchmark sales territories by product and industry

  • Align sales territories based on best fit with local industry/ product mix   

  • Locate field service offices, distribution centers, etc. based on the local industry/product mix

  • Target marketing & promotion programs to local industries

HISTORY - ReMaP™ is a program introduced in 2008 by Global Automation Reseach LLC. The original purpose of the development was to assist a client in locating a new service center for process instrumentation field service and repair operations in Illinois. The client realized the value of the analysis and asked Global Automation Research LLC to expand the analysis to the entire United States. It took almost two years to develop the data resources and a proprietary model that became ReMaP™.


ABOUT US - ReMaP™ Sales Planning is a partner with Global Automation Research, LLC.  We provide Tactical Sales Planning, Customized Market Research, Acquisition Planning and other business research and analysis services to the Suppliers of Process Instrumentation and Automation.

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